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Not every woman can qualify easily as beauty pageant contestants, or sometimes referred to as beauty queens. A woman wishing to be eligible for competing in beauty contests must first possess a number of traits and pass the criteria that are set by the pageant’s organizational body. Aside from possessing physical beauty, pageant aspirants have to also be good-natured, graceful, elegant, and intelligent. There are also some other qualifications that are more specific depending on a pageant’s very own rules. These rules may include age, height, weight, and highest educational attainment.

Those who do qualify as beauty queens or beauty pageant contestants will still go through a good amount of training to best prepare them for national and international competitions. These training modules will cover everything from walking, dancing and choreography, speech, proper etiquette and modeling. This is where contestants really start to become beauty queens, and become more than just an average young woman.

Beauty queens are also already a part of the projects that are organized by the pageant’s governing body. They will in most cases be included in special outreach projects and promotions for the beauty pageant itself. Winners of beauty pageants get to travel around the world in most cases, and represent not only the beauty pageant from which they’ve won and earned their titles, but also the countries that they originally came from.

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