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The Miss Universe Beauty Pageant is an annual beauty pageant held in different parts of the world. It is one of the most prestigious international events, and is facilitated by the Miss Universe Organization. In 1952, The Miss Universe Beauty Pageant was founded by Pacific Mills, a clothing company that is based in California. Eventually, the beauty pageant became a part of Kayser-Roth, before it was then acquired by Gulf and Western Industries. Later on in 1996, the group would be owned by Donald Trump, whose group still runs and organizes the pageants today.

The Miss Universe Beauty Pageant made its first television broadcast back in 1955. CBS was the network that started broadcasting the Miss Universe Beauty Pageants nationally, along with the Miss USA pageant. NBC eventually relieved CBS of duties in 2003, and has now taken over the television rights for the international beauty pageant.

The Miss Universe is one of the longest running and most popular beauty pageants all over the world. Its fellow international beauty pageants, Miss World and Miss Earth, are also quite popular around the world, although up until recent years Miss Universe was still the most coveted of all three crowns. The current and reigning Miss Universe title-holder is Dayana Mendoza, this year’s representative from Venezuela.

Every year, many countries all over the world run their own local beauty pageants, with the winners hoping to represent their country and countrymen in the Miss Universe beauty pageants. It is standard practice nowadays for these local beauty pageants to assign crowns that represent which contestants will be going for which international beauty pageant.

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