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The countries in South America have some of the most beautiful women in the entire world. The women from countries like Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and Venezuela are known for their unique beauty and irresistible charm. Some of the women in South America have even made their way to Hollywood as actresses, or in many different cat walks around the world as super models. This is why many countries in South America are serious about their beauty pageants. They regard the beauty of their women very highly, and are proud to show them to the rest of the world. Many of the South American countries like Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela, are really serious about their beauty pageants, and really prepare for such events annually in the same way that some countries will prepare for festivals or holidays.

Argentina is one of the countries in South America that take their pageants to heart. They have a couple of annual beauty pageants in their country held each year like the Miss Mundo Argentina and Miss Universo Argentina. Brazil also has a number of beauty pageants held annually, like the Miss Mundo Brasil and the Miss Brasil pageant. Venezuela also has Miss Venezuela and Miss Earth Venezuela. Colombia is one of the countries that really take their beauty pageants quite seriously, and have a slew of different beauty contests annually covered intensely by the media and held in high regard like a national holiday.

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